I Just Became a YouTube Vlogger

Lights, Camera, Action! 

In addition to my online boutique business, I am now venturing into the YouTube world! It’s crazy, funny because I am not a public speaker, like at all! I have always had the worse case of nerves when speaking in front of people but this is not so bad. Speaking in front of a camera (with no-one else around) I am surprisingly pretty comfortable. I started out making a few very awkward videos to post on intagram and facebook for my customers to promote products and kept thinking about it and decided to give this youtube video youtube videos thing a whirl. 

I have started my channel and made a couple of short videos and although I need to learn a few things on video editing, I think it will go pretty well. I plan on once a week videos, stay tuned!

My youtube channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIwwxZcVs_0GIftK9soi0bA?view_as=subscriber

My instagram is: @jewellsboutique1

Published by The Daily Jewell

I am a Christian, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Online Boutique Owner, Aspiring Photographer, Nature lover, Animal lover, blogging about my life

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