Online Boutique Business During Slow Seasons

Ahhh January…The Holiday’s are over. Retailers go from of hustling and bustling, to a state of quiescence. It’s one extreme to another. It is something like a beautiful letdown. While it’s nice to enjoy a break, I am one who needs to stay busy. So what does an online boutique owner do in slow times? I’m not sure what everyone is doing but I can fill you in on what I am doing.

  • INVENTORY: Right now is the perfect time to organize and count inventory. I have spent the last few days taking a count and organizing. I’ll be honest, my workspace was blown out during the holidays! I just didn’t have the time to get to it. Now that things have slowed down, I was able to unbox things, tag them, store them, straighten my office area and actually see what I have and what I need! I love a well organized space and I am getting back to normal.
  • TOUCH BASE WITH CUSTOMERS: Email, Social Media, Post Cards etc. Keep in touch, advertise, run a sale, clear out winter inventory. Grow Your following. Always keep business cards with you! I have been stopped in public places and asked where I got my bag or my clothing item. This is a perfect opportunity to gain a new customer. You have the time, use it wisely.
  • REVAMP YOUR WEBSITE: Take new photos, change up a few things on your website. This should be done often. You don’t want things to look abandoned, stay current.
  • PLAN YOUR SPRING COLLECTION: I know we are mid-winter but now is the time to shop for your spring collection! Pay attention to major retailers. They are already filtering in spring items! It may seem early but in the retail world it is not. This is the time of year for traveling to warmer destinations, spring break is upon us. Be prepared.

There is always something that can be done. Take advantage of the slow seasons. Use this time to do the things you don’t normally have time to do. Before you know it, things will be bustling once again!

Published by The Daily Jewell

I am a Christian, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Online Boutique Owner, Aspiring Photographer, Nature lover, Animal lover, blogging about my life

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