My Boutique is Unique…

Since the New Year, I have spent a whole lot of time thinking about my Boutique. I want my Boutique to be different, unique. You see, I have never liked the cookie cutter way. I like different, perhaps that’s why I enjoy thrifting so much. Thrifting brings a thrill of finding things you just can’t find anywhere else. I get bored when I go into department stores and see racks and racks of the same clothes… Since I was a youngster I have been drawn to thrift stores. In fact, I remember precisely when it all started. One time My mom took me to Value Village, a thrift store that is still in business after all these years only now it’s called Value World. I still prefer Village and continue to call it that, some things should never change. I can remember finding the coolest things! In particular I remember a Plaid wool skirt, the kind with the fringe and the big safety pin on the slit, an off-white fuzzy, fitted turtleneck sweater and a dark caramel brown velvet blazer, (Gosh I loved that thing). I paired that lovely outfit with some brown knee high boots with a wedge that had the rubbery earth shoe sole on them (some of you will know what I am talking about) that I believe I got there as well. I was so fashionable! My cart was filled to the hilt! I loved that day! I have continued over the years to thrift and I have found some pretty incredible things. One of my favorite pastimes is thrifting, even on vacation. I’m slightly obsessed! So what does this all have to do with my Boutique?

My goal is to keep stocking my Boutique with Brand NEW Clothes and Accessories that I purchase from fashion vendors which is a ton of fun! I LOVE shopping with hundreds of vendors. I could easily spend an entire day shopping the vendors websites…it’s so hard to decide what to get! So, the unique part? I am adding a VINTAGE category to my Boutique! Now, I haven’t done any research so I don’t know if there are other boutiques like mine out there. But I am going with it!

I carefully handpick all of the vintage items and my standards are high. I can be in a thrift for hours! I inspect every item thoroughly before it goes in my cart then before I check out, I look them over again! I take them home, clean them, steam them, and look them over again as I am preparing them! I will do a blog later on how I clean and prep my items. I have a few tricks!

I currently do not have a whole lot of things posted, I’m working on it. Follow my social media accounts at the top of the page to stay up on the latest items. Especially my instagram, I post almost everything there as it is listed. Here is the direct link to my Vintage..

If you would like to check out my entire website, click on the website logo below.

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I am a Christian, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Online Boutique Owner, Aspiring Photographer, Nature lover, Animal lover, blogging about my life

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