Thrifting and Reselling Jeans Tips and Tricks

I am a thrifter/reseller, 10 plus years experience and I have a few picking and cleaning tips to share. The first topic I’d like to share is Jeans. I have bought and sold a ton of jeans over the years. I’ve made some good money but I’ve also made a few mistakes.

I want to start at the thrift store. Picking out jeans. First, I research what type of jeans are selling, brands and styles. Next, I have a checklist that I go over on each pair. I start with the zipper and button. Do they function, does the zipper stay up?

The next thing I check is the crotch, inside and out. Jeans can have a lot of wear in this area. Make sure the material hasn’t thinned out, no holes.

Next is an important one. I have been fooled by this one. I check the hem! Have they been rehemmed? Some have been professionally hemmed and you can hardly tell until you go to measure the inseam. You can still resell them but now it’s more customized and could take longer to sell.

After I inspect the jeans and purchase, I take them home and throw them in the wash. Jeans are easy to clean. The next thing I do is go over the jeans again, cut off any strings and give them a little steam with my steamer if they look wrinkled. Another thing I make sure I do is shave the inside pockets with a clothing shaver. The pockets can get fabric pilling on them. I have before and after pictures below. It’s an area that’s not seen but I feel an important step.

This may seem like a lot but once you do it a few times, it can go quickly. Jeans are a great item to resell and you would be surprised at how much profit you can make.

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