Cleaning Hacks For Thrift Store Hauls

I just wanted to share some of the products that I carry in my cleaning arsenal that I use for prepping items that I thrift from thrift stores, garage sales etc. to resell. I am a successful reseller and I want to keep it that way, so I make sure the items I purchase are clean when they are sent to my customers. I have a few favorite cleaning products that I use to accomplish that.

First thing I do is inspect the item closely. Then I launder the item or steam it. Some items are not washable. I have a few tricks to clean them. If the item isn’t washable, I spot clean where needed then I steam the item with my steamer. This is the steamer I use:

It’s important to keep the steamer clean, the water can get slimy if left sitting in it. I use distilled water and I run all the steam out when I’m done using it.

If there are any ink or marker stains on the material or inside bags, alcohol removes them! Just blot with a cotton ball until gone. 70% or 90% works.

I use Clorox wipes on almost everything with a hard surface. Bags, shoes, jewelry. It’s a great way to clean and disinfect the item. The ones with the scrubbers in them work great on cleaning shoes.

Another great tip that works wonders on the thrift store smells is Vodka. Yes, straight vodka in a spray bottle applied generously and left to air dry will not only take away the odor but it makes the item odor free! I learned this a long time ago. It is an old theater trick actors use this to “clean” and freshen their costumes. It also works great to freshen carpet and furniture. It doesn’t leave any smell whatsoever. It’s amazing, and because I don’t drink, and I only use it as a cleaner, I buy the cheapest vodka the store carries. Some people are sensitive to smells that scented deodorizers have in them and this doesn’t leave any smell.

These leather wipes are great for shoes and leather jackets oh and bags! I always keep these on hand.

Here is a great suede cleaner. I cleaned a vintage pair of blue suede boots with these once and the turned out awesome! It’s also good for other things as well.

This little brush comes in handy when cleaning suede shoes.

While we are on the leather and shoes subject, let me show you this amazing wonder balsam balm! It conditions, shines and protects. It is a wonderful product!

I can’t work without this next tool near me. It helps remove stickers. It does the trick! The Scotty Peeler.

Speaking of sticky stuff. I always keep Goo Gone on hand. It works for removing sticker residue, gum and even marker.

I keep all of these items on hand at all times. They all serve a purpose and are very effective.

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