Dollar Tree Diy Craft Planter Kitchen Sink Decor Farmhouse

I’m suddenly obsessed with Dollar Tree Crafts! It’s so crazy how you can make such cute crafts with dollar store items! I made this kitchen sink organizer for dish soap, sponges, scrubbie’s, etc. I started with this galvanized planter from Dollar Tree. I spray painted it and let dry overnight. I used an antique white.Continue reading “Dollar Tree Diy Craft Planter Kitchen Sink Decor Farmhouse”

Dollar Tree Crafts Pizza Pan Wall Hanger diy

I posted a blog with my first Dollar Tree Craft made out of a pizza pan and placemat. Here is the next one I made. I’m probably going to change the ribbon. I used what I had on hand. Here are the materials I used. This vinyl placemat from Dollar Tree. They have a greatContinue reading “Dollar Tree Crafts Pizza Pan Wall Hanger diy”

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Craft Diy

I recently discovered the world of dollar tree crafts. I feel like I’m late to the game but better late then never! There are tons of ideas on Pinterest and Facebook. The pizza pan wall hanger craft is popular right now. I tried that first. Here it is. It’s really easy and took about anContinue reading “Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Craft Diy”

What Sold This Week In Vintage Clothing

I own an online Boutique. I sell New Clothing & Accessories on there and a few vintage items as well. Here is the link to my Boutique if you are interested in checking it out. I also sell on other various selling platforms. I surprisingly sell a lot of my vintage clothing on Poshmark.Continue reading “What Sold This Week In Vintage Clothing”

Furniture Redo Curb Shopped Antique Dresser Restoration Shabby Chic

Let’s talk about this antique dresser. I curb shopped it…Yes, someone threw it away! My husband thought I was crazy when I said; “Stop, Let’s get that!” I seen the potential and had to have it! We put it in the Jeep, I remember it barely fit, It was very beat up and had countryContinue reading “Furniture Redo Curb Shopped Antique Dresser Restoration Shabby Chic”

Cleaning Hacks For Thrift Store Hauls

I just wanted to share some of the products that I carry in my cleaning arsenal that I use for prepping items that I thrift from thrift stores, garage sales etc. to resell. I am a successful reseller and I want to keep it that way, so I make sure the items I purchase areContinue reading “Cleaning Hacks For Thrift Store Hauls”

My Vintage Etsy Shop Is Back In Business

After quite sometime, my Etsy Shop is back in business! I have been busy working on my own personal Online Clothing and Accessories Boutique and Etsy went to the back burner. My Boutique is going and I’m caught up and I decided to take my shop off of vacation. I love Vintage and I haveContinue reading “My Vintage Etsy Shop Is Back In Business”

Decorating Our Lake House On A Budget; The Living Room

Decorating our Lake House on a budget. Living room decorating

Decorating Our Lake House On A Budget The Master Bedroom Suite

We bought our dream home! My husband and I have talked for years about buying a lake house. We love the great outdoors! Our current full time residence is in the city. My husband retires from work in a few years. When that magic moment happens, our plan is to sell our house and moveContinue reading “Decorating Our Lake House On A Budget The Master Bedroom Suite”