What Sold This Week In Vintage Clothing

I own an online Boutique. I sell New Clothing & Accessories on there and a few vintage items as well. Here is the link to my Boutique if you are interested in checking it out. https://jewellsboutique.com I also sell on other various selling platforms. I surprisingly sell a lot of my vintage clothing on Poshmark.Continue reading “What Sold This Week In Vintage Clothing”

I Just Became a YouTube Vlogger

Lights, Camera, Action!  In addition to my online boutique business, I am now venturing into the YouTube world! It’s crazy, funny because I am not a public speaker, like at all! I have always had the worse case of nerves when speaking in front of people but this is not so bad. Speaking in frontContinue reading “I Just Became a YouTube Vlogger”

Online Boutique shopping “Summer Collection”

Shopping online is so convenient! If you are an online shopper, why not support small business owners? Shop Boutiques!! I started my online boutique about 6 months ago and it is a dream come true! I work from home (how great is it to be able to work and snuggle with your dog at theContinue reading “Online Boutique shopping “Summer Collection””